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New Fair Housing Regulations effective 6/20

Fair Housing regulations effective June 20, 2020 will have an impact on real estate related activities.

The new Fair Housing regulation is divided into three sections, Housing and Anti-Discrimination Disclosure Form, Fair Housing Notice and video and audio recording of all Fair Housing continuing education courses.  Below, please find guidance in the form of questions and answers as to how to comply with each section.

Brokers and licensees will need to provide a link on their website to the Fair Housing Notice (FHN) by June 20, 2020.  “All websites created and maintained by real estate brokers, associate real estate brokers, real estate salespersons and any real estate team…shall prominently and conspicuously display on the homepage of such website” a link to the FHN provided by the DOS.  By prominently and conspicuously, the link should appear “above the fold” and should not require a consumer to scroll down the webpage to find the link. 

Here is the link that must be provided:

View this video webinar for a more detailed explanation of the new Fair Housing regulations from NYSAR Director of Legal Affairs, Anthony Gatto.

Visit for more information and FAQs from NYSAR. 


Housing and Anti-Discrimination Disclosure Form (HADF)

Fair Housing Notice

Fair Housing Regulation


COVID-19 Updates

Please visit for all statewide information regarding COVID-19. 

"NYSAR is committed to keeping you informed with updates and resources regarding the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) on your business and industry. Keep checking back—this page will be updated regularly with new information. For more on how to protect yourself and your families, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website."

Resources include: 


NYSAR Updates

Please visit the NAR website for national updates regarding COVID-19. 

NAR Resources for Commercial Real Estate

NAR COVID -19 Policy and Advocacy 

TAKE ACTION NOW! - DOS Guidance Prohibits Certain Real Estate Commissions

Your action is needed - NYSAR opposes new guidance by the Department of State stating that a landlord's agent is now prohibited from collecting a broker fee/commission from the tenant in rental transactions statewide under its interpretation of the 2019 Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act passed last June. If enforced, this would have devastating effects on REALTORS engaging in rental transactions.

The most immediate effect of this new guidance is that it will void current agreements between brokers and landlords where the tenant pays the commission. The Department’s guidance has now created uncertainty in the payment for services already provided by the broker. Additionally, if a landlord's agent does collect a commission from the tenant, that licensee would be subject to discipline by the Department of State.

Your action is needed, no matter what type of real estate you work in - Take Action to protect agent commissions now and in the future. Tell Governor Cuomo, the Secretary of State and your state lawmakers that you oppose the Department of State's new guidance on rental broker fees today.