“Prevailing Wage” construction mandate – Oppose today! Respond to this important Call for Action today!
“Prevailing Wage” construction mandate – Oppose today! 
Please answer this important Call for Action to OPPOSE a requirement to provide prevailing wage standards on any private construction project that receives any form of public funding or support.
Construction costs in New York are already among the highest in the nation. A report by the Empire Center estimated that prevailing wage standards drive up total construction costs by 13 to 25 percent, depending on the region of the state.  

The New York State Senate is considering a vote soon on S.2975-A/A.5498-A by Sen. Murphy (R-Hudson Valley) and Assemblymember Bronson (D-Rochester), which would redefine the term “public works,” thereby requiring prevailing wage standards on all private construction projects that receive any financial support from state or local entities, including loans, bonds, grants, tax abatements from local IDAs and other forms of value.

If enacted, this bill would result in significant increases in labor and construction costs for private construction projects across the state by imposing a prevailing wage and benefit structure that exceeds market compensation rates. This will ultimately drive businesses out of the state or force them to lose workers, lose business opportunities, or close altogether.

We need you to answer the Call for Action today and make your voice heard on this important issue!