membership FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about NYSCAR Membership

1. As a member, do I have to arbitrate business disputes?

YES. As a condition of membership, you agree to arbitrate business disputes in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual of the National Association of REALTORS®.

2. As a member, do I need to take Code of Ethics training?

YES. Code of Ethics Training is mandatory for new members, as well as existing members.

3. Can I become a member of NYSCAR without holding member-ship in the State and/or National Associations of REALTORS®?

NO. REALTOR® Membership is a three-way agreement with the Local, State and National Associations of REALTORS®.

4. Is NYSCAR a local board/association of REALTORS?

YES. NYSCAR is a local association of REALTORS®. It is a “commercial overlay board” with statewide jurisdiction. NYSCAR is under the same requirements for membership, etc. as any other local board/association throughout the country (i.e., Buffalo Association of REALTORS®, Rochester Association of REALTORS®, Grt. Capital Association of REALTORS®, Dutchess Co. Assoc. of REALTORS®, the Long Island Board of REALTORS®, etc.)

5. What is the difference between primary and secondary membership?

Primary membership means that you pay your Local, State and National Dues through that association/board. Every REALTOR® must hold a primary membership. Secondary membership means that you choose to join an additional board/association other than your primary. For a secondary membership, you would pay the local portion of dues only (your state and national would be paid through your primary board/association).

6. I hold primary membership in the Utica Board of REALTORS® and would also like to join NYSCAR. Would my designated REALTOR® (principal broker) have to join NYSCAR as well?

NO. You would join NYSCAR as a secondary member. As a secondary member, you could join NYSCAR without your Designated REALTOR® (principal broker) holding membership in NYSCAR. If you wanted to hold Primary membership in NYSCAR, your designated REALTOR® (principal broker) would need to hold “secondary” membership in NYSCAR (assuming that he/she holds a primary membership in the Utica Board.)

7. I am the principal broker of a firm that practices both residential and commercial brokerage. Can I have the commercial salespeople join NYSCAR and the residential salespeople join a residential board?

YES. As long as you (as the designated REALTOR/principal broker) hold membership in both NYSCAR and the residential board.

8. I am a New York State Certified Residential Appraiser and would like to join NYSCAR. Which category of membership would I apply for?

You would apply as a REALTOR® member. The National Association of REALTORS® says that if you are a licensed or certified appraiser, you qualify for REALTOR® membership.

9. I am a licensed broker and would like to join a NYSCAR Chapter in my area. Do I need to hold membership in NYSCAR at the State level?

YES. REALTOR® membership in the chapters is open to any licensed real estate broker, salesperson or appraiser who holds membership and remains in good standing in the New York State Commercial Association of REALTORS® (NYSCAR).